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Morzov Productions is a full-service production company specializing in creative content for online and social platforms, as well as publicity and marketing.


We are filmmakers at our core, taking projects from production through final post and to delivery. We have a deep commitment to celebrating and respecting all voices, and we put personalized storytelling at the center of everything that we do. 

Each project is tailored to the client’s individual needs, and our commitment to keeping up with current trends in technology and media give us the ability to make sure that the final product we deliver to you is optimized for

each medium.

While we are Los Angeles based, our reach extends beyond the US, with global clients as far as Mexico, London, Hong Kong,

and Singapore.


We take great pride in our craft, forming personal partnerships that allow us listen to our clients’ individual needs and bring their visions to life – no story is too big, no detail too small.


Do you have a project you’re ready to jump into?

We’d love to talk about it!

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Release Year: 2022

Morzov Productions provided publicity and marketing clips across all platforms for this iconic favorite. Particular emphasis was placed on content creation for the press tour in advance of the highly anticipated season release.


I'm not going to continue knocking that old door that doesn't open for me.

I'm going to create my own door and walk through that.



American filmmaker


Shannon Polaroid.png
Shannon Morzov is a Los Angeles based filmmaker. Though a native Angeleno, her passion for film was kick started while up at UC Berkeley, where she made an Eisner Award winning documentary.

Shannon spent ten years as second in command at Hurwitz Creative before branching out on her own and opening up Morzov Productions. In her downtime, she can be found on her never-ending search for the ever-elusive perfect pair of ballet shoes or, of course, surfing.

You may have noticed her extensive collection of surfboards behind her in that Zoom meeting… she hasn’t quite figured out where to put them.
Scott Polaroid.png
Originally hailing from Anchorage, Alaska, Scott has worked in the film industry for over a decade. He specializes in content creation for the two genres he loves most – horror and animation.

A music composer in addition to filmmaker, Scott has mastered both the guitar and keyboard (though he’ll never admit it, his friends at Morzov Productions feel it necessary to note those are only two of the many instruments he can play).

His hobbies include reading and speaking Japanese (poorly, but he’s working on it) and hunting down the perfect breakfast burrito. On the days when there are none to be found, his deep affinity for tacos will do.
Selenne Polaroid.png

Selenne is the backbone of Morzov Productions, with a long-running career and professional background in all things accounting and human resources for creative-based companies.


She’s more apt to boast about her poor French speaking skills, but has, in fact, mastered Spanish and speaks it fluently.


As a world-class traveler, having visited every continent – except Antarctica, but don’t worry, she’ll get there eventually – she dreams of eventually returning to her wanderlust roots with her family in tow.

Originally from Northern Michigan, Grace went to college in Chicago before she made her way to Los Angeles.

She’s happy to finally be warm!

Prior to Morzov, Grace worked a variety of editing jobs and spent several years in live sports broadcasting.

She loves movies, beer, concerts, and documenting these pursuits across several hyper-specific apps. She also enjoys taking photos, painstakingly editing those photos, and then showing them to no one.
Carlotta Polaroid.png
A graduate of Chapman University, Carlotta worked in development at both Paramount and Netflix before making her way into content creation at Morzov Productions.

A political junkie at heart, she also works part-time in non-profit and is attending graduate school remotely at American University, working on a Master’s in Public Administration and Policy.

In her free time, you can find her hanging upside at the climbing gym or having long philosophical debates with her five-pound chihuahua, Toast.

Toast usually wins.
Bryan Polaroid.png
Bryan has spent the bulk of his career split between two paths – as the token IT guy (he can fix anything, seriously), and as a music composer and producer.

The latter are his passions and over the years he’s narrowed his focus, specializing in both film score composition and song production for bands (his extra fluffy cat Tuna is a great assistant).

Bryan is always expanding his musical reach and has recently taken up everyone’s favorite instrument – the organ. When he’s not too busy with work, he loves to travel.



A Southern California native, Kimi graduated with an ultrasound degree before deciding to stay home and raise a family instead.


True to her roots, she loves to surf, and even surfed while pregnant with both kiddos! She's taken to the waves as far as Bali, and dreams of being able to surf endless destinations around the world.


When she's not at the office, she enjoys spending time at the beach with her boys, snowboarding, reading and (in the spirit of all millenials) collecting plants.



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